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We Heard Your Feedback…

Thank you to our community of financial advisors, those looking for one, and personal finance enthusiasts. We heard your feedback and a lot of changes are underway.

  1. Our newsletter will run 2x a month 😎 

  2. You may have noticed, but we built a new look 🙂 

  3. Our landing page ( has an update 😉 

A Note From Our CEO:

It gives me great pleasure to welcome hundreds of new readers, five new employees, dozens of new certified financial planners, but more importantly a new age for Habits Inc.

As many of you already know, our story is quite simple. We spent an entire year speaking with thousands of Millennials, Gen Z’ers, financial advisors, their clients, DIY’ers, and literally anyone who we could get in front of.

Bottom line? We saw a massive market dislocation within financial services, which has historically been dominated by white hair and neck ties.

At Habits, we are building the dedicated community for Millennials and Gen Z. Our marketplace offers the ability to match with an advisor, access real-time data driven insights, and a place to collaborate with like minded human beings.

It all boils down to our three key product pillars:

  • Matchmaking (Beta Available) - Bumble, but for professional advisors. Build your profile, select your criteria and let our algorithmic matching take care of the rest. Our advisors are the top 10% in the industry.*

  • Community (Coming Soon) - It baffles us how financial advisors are heavily regulated, but any 19yr old on TikTok can pitch stock tips without oversight. Our community offers collaboration with verified professional advisors and hand-selected content creators.

  • Data Insights (Coming Soon) - Access to the information we all want and need. Filter through our database of insights based on your tax bracket, location, age, and more.

*Evaluated by household to advisor ratio, years of experience, technology stack, compliance history, expertise, certifications, credentials, and review from our selection committee.

The Relationship Between Financial Knowledge and Confidence

Last year, a study of 1,400+ millennials produced some interesting insights.

My key takeaway?

Investor knowledge and confidence have a direct correlation.

High-income millennials who feel knowledgeable about investing are 5X more likely (73% vs. 14%) to feel very confident in their ability to make their own financial decisions.

Further, affluent millennials who consider themselves financially knowledgeable are more likely to associate investing with positive emotions, and less likely to find it intimidating, risky or overwhelming.

We all know how to handle a toothache because it’s easy to find a dentist. Finances are different. Problems within our estate plan or investments often whisper over time, they never shout. It’s easy to bury, but they persist.

This study also validated how affluent millennials (despite having a longer time period to invest), showcase a shocking cautious investing strategy. They are less likely than Gen X to own stocks (37% vs. 47%), but just as likely as Gen X to own bonds (19% vs. 18%), and more likely to allocate their income to a low-yield savings account (21% vs. 16%).

Millennials experienced the Great Recession Indeed, boom of the gig economy and the first generation to truly feel the burden of student debt, which has resulted in a cautious generation. Yet their fear is a catch-22: coming of age amidst global financial turbulence alerted them to the importance of avoiding risky financial decisions, but investing could play a crucial factor in making up for the stagnant wages of the post-recession generation.

Are We Going Viral?

@HeyBerna featured this newsletter on her Instagram earlier this month. With over 100k+ followers, Berna defines her brand as a financial hypewoman. We love her approach to personal finance. If you don’t already follow her on Instagram or TikTok, then I highly recommend you change that.

Also, subtle plug to follow jack_boudreau_ on TikTok. We began to craft stories behind my career in finance and notice they seem to be popular! Our last three posts have over 600k+ views and there is more coming :)


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