Job Hopping

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Job Hopping

I shared a TikTok post that exploded this month (425k+ views), which was the inspiration behind this blog post.


Job hopping is exactly what it sounds like…

Strategically moving from one job to the next every few years to advance your career or lifestyle.

  • Salary increase

  • Skill diversification

  • Networking opportunities

  • Promotions or title changes

  • New office environment and workplace perks

  • Additional vacation or sick leave

  • Change of routine

Trivia Answer: $174,000 as of 2023


Replying to @Sam Howard it’s always the high achievers who get taken advantage of #corporate #career

The Strategy

Instead of settling for modest cost-of-living wage increases, digital natives say it’s all about knowing your marketplace value.

The whole point is to look for a new, but similar job when you already have one.

Thus, you have leverage to negotiate better salary, vacation time, title, WFH flexibility or whatever you fancy in order to switch jobs.

Image: Shutterstock / Built In

The Consequences

There are obvious reasons to stay at your current job, but hoppers may find themselves in a constant loop of unhappiness.

When you switch jobs multiple times for various reasons, you set an expectation that the grass is always greener.

So you leave, find yourself unhappy again, and repeat the process.

Job Hopping Formula

Start to imagine the future you seek. Picture the lifestyle for yourself, a partner, family, and see how that evolves 5yrs from now.

Run to something; don’t run away from something.

My Key Takeaway

We come across thousands of HENRYs, DINKs, ALICEs, and every acronym to describe young, high earnering families.

An overwhelming majority of them come to Habits to build intention behind their careers and finances.

Thanks for reading, Habits fam. See you back here next week for more.


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