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The #1 activity for retiree’s is watching TV. Only 37 (~25%) responders selected the correct answer. One commented “It’s going to be video games and virtual reality by the time I’m 70.” I don’t disagree.

What percentage of young adults own a home?

Data for 25-34 year olds as of 2021

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Real Estate

Unlike the rest of the world, Americans disproportionally value owning over renting, and homeownership is viewed as a critical piece of “the American dream.”

Data Nuggets

Trivia Answer: 41.6%

For perspective, the homeownership rate in Germany is <50%.

Are you a homeowner?

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Costs to Consider

With U.S. home prices up over 40% since January 2020, saving for a home is harder than it’s been in decades.


Typically, need 20% to avoid PMI, but many first time homebuyers can get away with as little as 3.5% if you qualify for an FHA loan.

Closing Costs

They range between 2% - 5% of the total purchase price. These include loan origination fee, appraisal fee, title insurance, inspection fee, credit report fee….I’ll just stop there.

Ongoing Expenses

Loan’s principal & interest, homeowner’s insurance, property taxes, maintenance & repair, utilities, HOA fees, etc.

My Favorite Guide

Buying vs. Renting

It’s a lifestyle decision.

Rent is the maximum you’ll pay when buying is the minimum.

My Key Takeaway

Don’t buy a home just to check a box. Ask questions, get the specifics, and make a plan. If you don’t have one, talk to your financial advisor.

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