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Corporate Life = Not Cool ?

In the Summer of 2022, the “quiet quitting” trend took off. Over a year later, we still see rumblings between CEOs and Twitter (Sorry, I mean “X”) trolls whether this means setting up professional boundaries after years of underappreciation, quitting the idea of going above and beyond, or the true value of a work place pizza party.

The Rise of the Side Hustle

Earlier this summer, Fortune Magezine was first to report, but Deloitte and followed with similar findings behind the side hustle popularity. Upwards of 46% of respondents worked a part-time or even a full-time job in tandem to their main work. In similar fashion, Habits Inc. conducted a survey of over 500+ college-educated millennials where 55% indicated a side hustle or secondary source of income.

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How do they do it?

There is a growing trend amongst high performers where they re-position themselves as a sole proprietor. Now they’re not actually becoming sole proprietors - it’s a mindset - that enables creative freedom, work/life balance, and scratches their entreprenuerial itches.

Here’s how it works…

You likely learned the term intraprenuer back in high school. The term was coined in a 1978 white paper to highlight an entreprenuer within (hence intra) an organization to develop innovation.

Consider your W2 employer as your biggest client or account. They’re your primary focus, biggest commitment, but that doesn’t mean it occupies your entire attention. This simple mental exercise shifts the weekly focus to prioritize yourself, YOUR schedule, and YOUR agenda. Congrats, you’re officially a intraprenuerist.*

The "-ist" suffix, emphasizes the individual's active practice of being an entrepreneur.

For example, we have members in our community who found side hustles - or other clients - by helping startups, publishing content, brand consulting, product marketing, fractional CFO or accounting support, 1v1 interview coaching, virtual tutoring, and more.

Unfortunately, this concept cannot work for all industries, but I’m sure it’ll grow once the TikTokers catch wind of the trend.

What resources can help?

The key for intraprenuerists is efficiency. Minimizing your time, but maximizing your output. Some of the tools we have heard, used, or found to be most helpful.

The feedback we’ve received suggests that the most difficult part is the transition. For many high performers and earners, the thought of trimming down your engagement with your primary source of income seems backwards.

That’s why at Habits, we aim to support high performers, those who have an inherent desire to go the extra mile, or want to maximize their quality of life.

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Interested to learn more about the life of intraprenuerist? Fill out our intake form to join our community and we’d be happy to connect you with others :)


The Corporate Exit - Testimonial


Who am I?

My name is Bryan Huhn and I’m the type of financial advisor who helps burnt out corporate employees and high-earners in their 20's. I help them achieve financial freedom, so they can pursue a more meaningful life. I relate deeply to these individuals and am motivated beyond money to serve them.

Sounds like you?

I spent most of my career in corporate sales roles, where money and sales commissions were my sole motivation. I was asked to sell investment products to financial advisors that - in over a decade - I never put my own money into. My incentives were constantly in conflict with my values. Since opening up about this, I've found it's pretty common with others in the corporate world.

Does this happen to you?

I didn't enjoy my work. I constantly suffered from the "Sunday scaries" because Mondays were the worst. And I lacked any sort of real, intrinsic motivation. In my eyes, I had no purpose.

Learn from my experience

I learned a couple things the hard way.

First, chasing money is a great way to ensure you never have enough. You'll always feel inadequate because someone always has more than you.

And second, chasing money creates unhealthy amounts of stress and anxiety, which can also break down your physical health. Thanks to my poor career and lifestyle choices, I've been battling cancer for the past 8 years.

I eventually ditched the corporate world, cold turkey. Without a plan. I do not recommend this. What I thought would make me feel good, led to immense anxiety to start making money again.

But once I was able to overcome this emotion and apply logic to the situation, I realized I had more than enough money. I may have been lucky, but now I make sure my clients don't need luck to make a successful transition.

Changing my path

I distilled my life down to my three highest values and made sure all my time and money is allocated to support these. As it turned out, I could actually go three years without any income and be fine. When we view money as a tool to get what we really want out of life - instead of a goal - it's a lot easier to have enough.

This money mindset has been so valuable. Chasing money led to emptiness. Pursuing purpose leads to fullness.

I'm now fulfilled and motivated to do my best work. Which means I'm creating a lot of value for others. Which means I can make good money. And since I love what I'm doing, I'll probably never want to retire. Talk about financial security…

And this mindset is also the optimal mindset to build significant wealth.

When we have internal peace and fulfillment, we spend less. We can stop chasing the dopamine hits we get from buying stuff we don't need. This means more money gets invested in appreciating assets. And contentment creates patience, which allows our investments to grow exponentially.

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Today, I'm happier than ever and my mission is to pay this forward. Whatever years I have left in this game of life are definitely going to be the best years. And I want all my clients to be able to say the same thing, with confidence.



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