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Matchmaking - Product Video

Click here to view a demo of our Matchmaking feature, set for public release later this year.

We have achieved a 100% compliance approval rate and advisor sign-up since we launched our pilot.

I’ll salvage you all from the boring SEC regulatory specifics, but this is an achievement that can take years to accomplish.

How did we do it? A year of evening stand-ups, Saturday morning all-hands, and a disgusting amount of cold-brew coffee. Needless to say there were heated brainstorm sessions and stressful product sprints, but it was all worth it.

Congratulations to the Habits Inc. team! We can’t wait to publicly launch our Matchmaking feature soon.

What if I need an advisor now?

Go on to www.myhabits.io and fill out our onboarding form. A member of our team will be in touch ASAP. Oh…and it’s free btw

Our demographic stats*

  • 90%+ have never worked with an advisor

  • $500k in median investable assets

  • 77% experiencing a “pivotal life moment” (e.g. first child)

  • 100% comfortable with remote-based advisor

*This excludes our HNW/UHNW task force, which is our newest vertical that we handle on a case by case basis.

A few examples of matches made in August

  • A HENRY (high earner not rich yet) who’s single, no kids, and discovered their robo-advisor wasn’t as cheap as it was marketed. He found the best solution was to manage his portfolio himself and sought advisors who offer a subscription model.

  • A founder who put everything into their startup and has no retirement assets, but plans for an upcoming sale in 2024. She had QSBS eligibility questions, concerns on upcoming tax bill, and had a desire to spend more time at home.

  • Newly weds who just bought a home and plan to have children soon. Never worked with an advisor, but needed an easy step in the right direction.

Crystelle Desnoyer

We are happy to announce our newest advisory board member. She recently operated as the Chief of Staff at Techstars. Personally, Crystelle is one of my favorite people. She’s a master connector, loves to get into the trenches, and asks all the hard questions.

We are thrilled to have Crystelle on board!

We’re hiring and need your help!!!

M&A Analyst (2 spots left)

We’ve had a recent influx of demand from HNW/UHNW caliber consumers. Our pilot taught us that this platform expedites the relationship building process and enables users to evaluate their options within the financial services marketplace.

I will train 3-5 analysts to become ELITE prospectors. At J.P. Morgan, I was limited with my resources, but it forced me to build an unbeatable playbook.

To our advisor network, these will be your dedicated prospecting ninja’s outside the organic mobile app and our LinkedIn channels.

Contact Matt ([email protected]) for referrals or additional details.

Social Media & Content Marketing Intern (offer pending)

We’ve spent an entire summer planning our outbound media strategy. Post-labor day is a critical time period for financial advisors. It’s theoretically the end of summer and when year-end planning begins.

Think about it…you go home for the holiday’s. Everyone wants to know when that proposal is happening, subtle “I want more grandchildren” comments, and those 1v1 wine conversations about the meaning of life.

Point being, it’s when (most) people have intimate conversations with those closest to them. Stay tuned for us on LinkedIn, TikTok, Instagram, and more :)

Contact Matt ([email protected]) for referrals or additional details.

Founding Engineer(s)

We’ve been fortunate to have a stellar technical team this past year, but we are ready to take our engineering, development and product team to the next level.

Offer(s) are likely to be sent by the end of next week, but we are always open to referrals or suggested candidates.

This really is a once in a lifetime opportunity. We already have proof of concept, paying users, MVP, and the perfect foundation for explosive growth.

Contact Veera ([email protected]) for referrals or additional detail.

Fall Travel Schedule

  • New York City, NY (end Sept.)

  • Los Angeles, CA (end Oct.)

  • Charlotte, NC (mid Oct.)

  • Columbia, SC (mid Oct.)

  • Chicago, IL (Sept. - Oct.)

  • Boston, MA (TBD)

  • Cincinnati, OH (TBD)

If you are near any of these destinations please get in touch!

I’m always on the search for America’s best coffee shop :)