The "Dream"

Reviewing how retiree's spend their time

The Weekly Habit

Only 14.5% of last week’s trivia participants knew the average annual S&P 500 return since 1950 was 11.20%. For clarification, this is a pre-tax figure. The most common answer was 9.28%.

Which of the following is the #1 activity for retiree's?

Answer is based on number of hours per day

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The “Dream”

Most Americans are taught the dream of retirement. A time to travel, enjoy hobbies, socialize, kick up your feet, and live life to the fullest.

But there is a scary reality.

The Data

Trivia Answer: Watching TV

The average American retiree spends about 5 hours per day in front of the television.

That reflects over 50% of their average daily leisure time.

The Trends

Contrary to what you might think, average screen time among younger people has more or less held steady.

Meanwhile, Americans ages 60 and older are increasing their screen time while decreasing recreational activities, reading, and socializing.

It’s Okay To Spend

There’s more to life than saving for retirement.

Take the family on that vacation, purchase the dream home, buy the overpriced latte, and do whatever makes you happy.

My Key Takeaway

Find the balance between today and retirement. Don’t lean on influencers. Use your financial advisor.

Don’t have a financial advisor? Find yours at Habits!

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