Day Trading

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Weekly Trivia

What is the percentage of profitable trades per day trader?

Based on the University of Berkeley's 2017 study

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The day trader lifestyle has gained immense popularity over the years, with many people taking it on as a full time career or side hustle.

Let’s dive in…

Data Nuggets

Day trading means buying and selling positions (stocks, bonds, currencies, commodities, etc.) quickly - often in less than a day.

  • 75% of day traders quit within two years.

  • 85% of professional traders underperform their benchmark.

  • $25,000 is required to open a day trading account.

  • 1.1% of day traders earn more than minimum wage.

  • <1% of day traders predictably & reliably earn a profit.

  • Through multiple studies, average ROI for profitable traders (net of fees) showed a mere 1.4% outperformance of S&P500.

Trivia Answer: 20.0% of total trades result in a profit (net of fees)

via r/WallStreetBets

Top Trading Strategies

Trade the News

Profiting from market volatility due to major events, such as a jobs report or interest rate change from the FED.

Range Trading

Identifying positions that commonly trade within a set price range.


Very similar to range trading, but at a higher frequency and smaller price changes.

Momentum Trading

Taking advantage of general price trends. These traders rely on technical indicators or chart patterns.


The opposite of momentum trading. Instead of following the herd, a day trader follows a contarian mindset (everyone else is wrong).


Trading with borrowed money, using margin. It can amplify your gains, but that also applies for losses.

How To Earn $300 Per Day

Day trading requires a lot of capital, discipline, time and the likelihood of success is miniscule. I’m sorry to dissapoint if you read this headline and thought I had a clever, 100% successful, day trading strategy…

Instead, check out this Reddit thread that suggests you can make on average $100-$300 per day by opening a lemonade stand 🤣 

My Key Takeaway

Please do not purchase someone’s “Day Trading Guide” from Youtube, TikTok or some other platform. If you want expert advice on investing, ask a licensed professional.

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