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Relating To Billionaires

I finished Elon’s biography last week and it sparked the inspiration behind this newsletter.



It amazes me how we compare ourselves to their rituals, morning routines, and keys to career success, but often overlook how our wealth measures up to them.

  • There are now more billionaires than ever: 2,781 in all, 141 more than last year and 26 more than the record set in 2021.

  • As of April, billionaires are worth $14.2 trillion in aggregate, up by $2 trillion from 2023.

  • U.S. holds the record of most billionaires (813), followed by China (473), and India (200).

Apples to Apples

I often find it difficult to comprehend the value of a billionaires net worth. So here are a few comparisons for you.

  • For starters, a million seconds equals ~12 days, but a billion seconds equals ~32 YEARS. Read that again.

  • If you had a million dollars and spent $1000 a day, you would run out in 3 years. A billion dollars, spending $1000 a day, would last 2740 years.

  • The average American ($118k net worth) is the equivalent to the length of white blood cell, and Jeff Bezos ($172BN) is the length of a finback whale.

Finback Whale

What This Means For You

From their lifestyles to latest obsessions, you can count on most outlets to feed the general public a nonstop stream of the world’s wealthiest people.

Their advice, guidance, and suggestions may sound helpful, but if you found it hard to comprehend their wealth, it’s likely hard for them to comprehend yours.

My Key Takeaway

We come across thousands of HENRYs, DINKs, ALICEs, and every acronym to describe young individuals and families.

An overwhelming majority of them come to Habits to build intention behind their careers and finances. You should too!

Thanks for reading, Habits fam. See you back here next week for more.


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