The 10 Steps We All Take

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The 10 Steps We All Take

In the 1000+ interviews and families I've met through Habits, here's how most tackle their 20’s and 30’s.

  1. Get's job

  2. Get's 401k advice from friends or family

  3. Seeks salary transparency and budgeting advice from a trusted colleague

  4. Over drinks or coffee, casually asks personal finance questions

  5. Begins to prioritize being "smart" with money

  6. Seeks advice from Google, social media, influencers, etc.

  7. Insecurities build...

  8. Serious conversations begin with parents or loved ones

  9. Then the back & forth of "should I talk to someone"

  10. DIY expiration date

Everybody flows through these 10 steps at different paces.

For some it's immediate others until their 50's.

We built Habits so people could realize that access to high quality financial advisors is an option even if you don't have millions in the bank.

See how others reacted to these 10 steps through this TikTok post (100k+ views)


Replying to @Joe sounds like you’re at step 6 comrade Shirt & Pants: @Cuts Clothing #corporate #career #finance

My Key Takeaway

I built Habits with the ideology that everyone should have simple, intutive, and easy access to meet great financial advisors. Because at the very least, you can decide for yourself if one makes sense.

Thanks for reading, Habits fam. See you back here next week for more.


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